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When it comes to blooms, Bougainvillea Barbara Karst is a showstopper that knows no boundaries! This pretty and popular hybrid bougainvillea is a vigorous grower – an evergreen vine which blooms from summer to autumn (in the UK). Its profusion of bright red to magenta papery bracts surround the tiny white flowers on stems bearing short thorns and green leaves.
The beautiful, bounteous Barbara Karst, like all vine bougainvilleas, will need a trellis or some sort of support, but if preferred you can prune and train the vine into a shrub or tree form. The plant is drought tolerant, is happiest in full sun, and can grow very quickly to 30 feet or more in height.
This splendid bougainvillea is at its best when cascading down a slope or across an arbour. It certainly also makes a summer splash spilling across the wall of a building.

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