Care of Bougainvilleas

Bougainvilleas can be grown to the size and shape required. You can grow them as Bonsai, standard, bush, hanging baskets, espaliers, pyramid or over and arch or the ceiling to provide shade.


Full sun – can be grown on a windowsill, in a porch, conservatory and oragnery. The plant can be placed outside during summer.


Give the plant a good soak and then allow to dry between watering in the summer. Water sparingly in the winter.


Feed once a week from mid-February to October. We recommend Vitax 301, a high nitrogen feed for encouraging growth development. When growth is sufficient, change to a high potash feed and we recommend Vitax 111 for this to enhance colour development of the bracts. Before the bracts are at their best, we revert to Vitax 301 to encourage the next young shoots that will continue produce bracts. NB: do not feed plant on dry roots. If due a feed and is overly dry, moisten today and feed tomorrow.


Bougainvillea is best grown in terracotta pots. Keep the bougainvillea fairly pot bound. Do not repot plants until they have acclimatised to your conditions (2-3 weeks). When potting, support the rootball, placing compost into position and water to settle.

DO NOT COMPRESS THE ROOTS. In warm weather, you may find it beneficial to soak the pot in water before repotting. We use Vitax Q4 potting compost.


Our main pruning is carried out at the end of February. You can prune lightly after each flush of flower.


Bougainvillea must be kept in a frost-free position in winter. The plant can be stored at 2-3°C. Under 1O°C will tend to go deciduous but it will leaf up again when it gets warmer.