Westdale Nurseries has such a vast choice of bougainvillea varieties from all over the world to shop for here online that we thought it best to offer you two ways to browse through our collection.

You can opt to shop for bougainvillea by name from a long list in alphabetical order, featuring the many bougainvillea varieties we stock, from the vigorous “Afterglow” bougainvillea with its peach/orange shaded bracts, to the bushy, prolific “Yani’s Delight” sporting pretty white bracts brushed with pink at the edges.

Alternatively, if colour is key to your bougainvillea shopping, you can browse by colour category through a gorgeous array of vibrant bougainvillea varieties. Will it be the bright and beautiful “Java White”? Perhaps the popular deep purple “Braziliensus”, or the delicately shaded “Coconut Pink”. How about a fiery red variety like “Pedro” and “Don Fernando” or the striking orange of “Golden Dubloon”?

Whichever way you choose to select your favourite bougainvilleas you can order safely and securely here online from Westdale Nurseries, the UK’s premier bougainvillea grower. If you have any queries about our services please get in touch on telephone 01225 863258 or email to westdalenurseries@hotmail.com.