With the right care and attention bougainvilleas can thrive in a bright sunny position outdoors during the height of summer in the UK, but they do best in a conservatory where they can be kept frost free in winter.

If you need advice on how to care for a bougainvillea, you can find plenty here on our website. Our tip for seasoned gardeners is to treat a bougainvillea as a Pelargonium and you can’t go wrong.

It’s therefore relatively easy to enjoy the splendour of bougainvilleas in all their glorious colours, from deepest purple to pale pink and white, fiery red and golden yellow to rich orange. We have them all available, ready to be ordered online, packed up and delivered direct to your door.

If you need some temporary floral decoration for a special event, why not make use of our bougainvillea hire service. We grow standard bougainvillea plants bursting with blooms that can turn any venue into a flowery fantasy.

Welcome to Westdale Nurseries and the wonderful world of bougainvilleas – we look forward to introducing you to this special botanic specimen.